Focus on YOU

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In a previous Lessons Learned series from the
auto-mechanic shop.

The lesson is huge.

I don’t know about your image of auto-shop but mine is
of the key mechanic dressed in overalls with grease,

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Two Valuable Lessons From A Former Mentor

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A former mentor of mine taught me
a lot about selling pre-need,

How to sell it,

How to look for new business,

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Setting Expectations for the Prospect

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Got an interesting question…

“David, I have a large amount of leads but am pretty bad at following up with them.
What can I do?  Usually, when I follow-up (sometimes months later) the prospect
doesn’t remember even talking to me.  Many times they complain about me
calling on the phone.” 

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A Cold Prospecting Solution

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I’ve often been asked;

How do you accomplish so much when
everybody knows you’ve got to prospect
at least 2 hours a day?

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Top Producer in less than a year

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So, I’m at the ICCFA Wide World of Sales
talking with a Top Producer.

She’s been in the business for one year
and at the top of her game,

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Eliminating the Yo-Yo Effect

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So, yesterday we talked about a high producing Preneed Seller I met at the ICCFA Conference.

His goal for this year – make his sales more consistent.

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The Preneed Yo-Yo

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The Preneed Yo-Yo

Had an interesting conversation with a
Top Producing Preneed Player who was
describing his sales for last year.

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Implement one new pre-need strategy

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A quick update:

Gold level weekly fax just went out, updated the private area
of Silver level,

And to all the Preneed Players I met at the ICCFA Wide World of Sales,

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Apollo 13 Solution…

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There’s a part in the movie Apollo 13 where
Gary Sinse is doing the grunt work necessary
to help solve the problem.

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