3 Advertising Mistakes

July 18, 2014 by  

Here’s a common question I see.

I’d like to advertise but not sure
how to do it or what to advertise.
Can you advise?

Thanks for the question.

Last time we talked about the
three things your ad needs
to be successful.

This time we cover the three
big mistakes most make
with ads.

Number one mistake,

Not including the basics of
2-step advertising.

That is to use a classified style ad
with a call to action.

The simplest ad would be a
headline with call to action.

You can see a sample of this type of ad
in the back of the National Enquirer.

Big mistake number two,

Neglecting to measure the responses and
sales from your ad.

That is every ad must be measurable.

The return on investment (ROI) is

Big mistake number three,

Focusing on the media first.

Today the big buzz work is
social media.

As if using facebook, twitter, and more
will solve all of your advertising problems.

By that I mean,

It is the wrong order to begin with
media first…

It should be the last consideration.

Begin with the target niche market first.

Then the message for the market,

Then the media your target market
is likely to see and hear.

Happy Selling!


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