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Too many new PNS (pre-need seller) make the process of creating pre-need sales a struggle.

New PNS seem to think they need to be creative and come up with clever ideas, never thought of ideas, totally brand-new ideas, as if no one ever thought about it ideas.

Nothing…and I do mean NOTHING could be further from the truth.

The way we communicate today as compared to ten years, twenty years ago, has changed but only in the technology.

We still use language to communicate.  The language isn’t obsolete.

So, our communication may be more instant and portable the bottom line is language is still the core method of communicating.

Pre-Need Selling has some very simple core foundational principles that stay the same no matter the change in technology.

Creating pre-need sales is nothing more than taking what has worked in the past and putting it to good use today.

By using proven methods from the past, researching your target market, communicating a message to that target market, and educating/facilitating a conversation with that market there’s not much difference between today and yesterday.

My system is pretty simple.  If you want to learn it read every post on this site, invest in the whole enchilada on the catalog page, and subscribe to my snail-mail paid monthly newsletter and immerse yourself into the material.

I congratulate you for reading and listening to this website.  Be sure and opt-in with your email and name on the top right of this page and I’ll send you some strategies you can use now to sell more preneed in the next six months than the previous twelve months.

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All of the best pro athletes, actors, singers, Doctors, sellers, and any other profession didn’t get great by sitting on their duffs…it requires learning, it requires hard work and it requires lots and lots of practice.

Immerse your SELF into learning everything you can about selling pre-arrangements and practice, practice, practice.

That’s how you really get good at anything.




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