A Cash Flow Surge in hours

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A quick cash flow surge

Recently I did a mailing to folks I made a presentation to who did not purchase. Some of these presentations go back 2 ½ years.

Anyway, here are the results. 15% responded to my letter. By the way, I sent out a one page letter, one page (front and back) testimonials, one page (article from the paper two sided).

Within 4 days of the mailing I brought in $48,979 dollars in revenue. I’m still getting calls. I’ll update you in a couple of weeks as to the entire testing results. Read more

Why a sales letter should have a headline

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For those of you new to warm prospecting today we’re going to talk about sales letters and specifically headlines. But first a quick reminder…If no one opens your envelope it doesn’t matter what’s written on the paper in the envelope.

So the first and most important lesson for sales letters is you’ve got to get your prospect to open the letter (that’s why I encourage you to use a champion endorser™).

The second most important thing about a sales letter is you’ve got to get them to read the letter!!! This may sound simple but I can assure you most pre-need sellers automatically think if they send a letter to a prospect the prospect is going to gladly open the letter and read it.

It is critical to get them to open the letter and read it.

A headline is important because it needs to get the attention of the reader. If your reader just opened up the envelope and there are thick paragraphs and the letter looks hard to read forget it. Your prospect won’t read it! Read more

Make The Post Office Do Your Prospecting

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You can mail your way to leads, appointments, presentations, and contracts.

It’s called selling in print. The way it works is you find a group of prospects who have commonality, develop a message for them, and deliver the message via the post office.

One way of finding your group of prospects is to use your referral base; your back yard of contacts. Use my project 200 program to gather your referrals together. Read more