Okay, How do you get massive amounts of referrals?

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Thanks for all the emails and questions. I appreciate them all.  I thought I’d address the most common question; how do I get referrals?

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How To Make A Quality Presentation and get the sale Every Time

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If you were to prioritize the steps in a sale obviously prospecting would be at the top of the list.  Second would be Presentations.  Do a terrific job at a presentation and you’ll get the sale every time.  Presentations can make or break you.  There are 4 commitments to a sale and a quality presentation.  Get the 4 commitments and you’ll get the sale every time.  Ignore a commitment and you’re on the verge of wasting your time.

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Time Management for the Pre-Need Seller

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No, this is not a “day timer” post on how to schedule your palm pilot, blackberry, or monthly paper desk planner.  If you’ve been keeping up with the blogs you know I highly recommend blocking time much like a Doctor’s office.

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Number 8 of the Top 10 Pre-Need Prospecting Mistakes and how to avoid them

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Number 8: Not giving yourself enough time to get through the Pre-Need Prospecting Learning Curve

In all things there is a learning curve. As a baby we heard sounds over and over again and practiced them over and over again before we got them down. Those sounds were words and we were able to string those words together to form thoughts and sentences and paragraphs and concepts.

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Number 10 of Top 10 Mistakes Pre-Need Sellers Make Prospecting & How to Avoid Them

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Number 10:  The belief that the state of the economy will lower the amount of Prospects…

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Sometimes I’m forced to mention things that are very unpleasant to hear but…

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Sometimes I’m forced to mention things that are very unpleasant to hear but…

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Warm-Fuzzy Prospecting and the Cable Guy

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Today we’re going to talk about profiling your prospects. But first, as promised, the second story of how I discovered warm-fuzzy-prospecting. This happened to me better than 20 years ago. In the old days before cable was popular people would sell it door-to-door. Some of these people were beyond aggressive. Many times they’d break-up into A and B teams of two and gang up on the consumer to hard sell them into purchasing cable. If the consumer didn’t purchase the B team would hit you the next day.

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A Quick Lesson On How Warm-Fuzzy-Prospecting Began

January 17, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Ok, I know, it has been a few days since the last update.  I’m working hard on the coaching/membership site.  Spent more than half the day working on it yesterday.  We’re close.  I’m feverishly uploading info to the site.

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Method 3, 2-Minute-Drill, Lists

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This is the 3rd Method in lead generation.  In this 2-Minute-Drill we talk about lists.  I’ll add a few more 2-Minute-Drills on this one as it encompasses quite a bit of information.

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