7 Secrets to Prospecting part 2

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7 Secrets to Prospecting part 2.

Be sure you read the first part again as I’ll be using the story of the beggar for all 8 parts of the Secrets to Prospecting.  Every one’s taught to ONE-STEP Prospect.  The beggar used one-step-prospecting.  As you’ll recall our beggar sat by a stop light with a sign in his hand begging for money.  This approach to prospecting is called ONE-STEP because there’s only one step in the process.  The beggar raises his sign and expects people to respond with money.

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7 Secrets to Prospecting

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The first part of the series:

7 Secrets to Prospecting.

The real secret to Prospecting is to position yourself for the sale.  I know this may seem counter-intuitive because how can you position yourself for the sale if you haven’t prospected or even met your prospect yet?

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Thanks…Membership is CLOSED

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Thanks to all who enrolled in the membership program.   The membership program is full.  Thanks, thanks, and thanks.  I do appreciate all the emails and snail-mail.

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Houston, We Have A Problem

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If you’ve ever wondered how many problems could possibly happen with a rocket-ship launch, well, there are tons!  My computer guy quit answering the telephone.  NOT GOOD. 

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How the Membership Program Works

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Okay, Uncle, I give.  I’ve been getting so many emails and faxes and snail-mail I’m going to address this here and now.  If you’re reading and listening to posts on this site be sure and send me an address (top right hand corner of this page) and I’ll send you the launch codes for the membership site and yes, if you are getting emails, you know the date.  Because smart folks are signing up on the site every day I’ve been repeating my daily emails with the date and time of launch.

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One Close is all you need

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It’s wednesday and we’re getting close to the launch.  If you haven’t signed up for “Renegade PreNeed Seller Reveals 7 Secrets to Boatloads of sales”, just go to the top right hand corner of this page and sign up.  Also, if you are signed up you’ll receive the launch codes for the membership site. 

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Getting A Fast Start Using Positioning

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How to get a quick start.  The quick-start-guide is important especially if you have no patience.  I have none left, lost it along time ago and don’t care to find them. 

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How to Use Special Reports

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Today we’re talking about special reports.  What is a special report, why should you use them, and how to do them?

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3 Tips to Get More Business

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By the way, I’ve recorded this and a little more.

The mp3 file is attached at the bottom of the post.

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