Update for NEW MEMBERS

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Hey Gang,

Just wanted to update new members.  If you invested in the Ultimate Package on Tuesday or later I ran out of CDs for the 30 Day Blue Print Success.

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30 Day Blueprint, Preparing for Success

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When preparing your 30 Day Blueprint for Success it is necessary to develop your marketing plan. You marketing plan is different from a Prospecting plan. Your marketing plan will encompass all aspects of lead generation, presentations, closing. In addition you’ll need to work through the economics of the market and the average sale/commission you’ll get as you capture new business. Focus is especially important. I always say you must be FIRM but flexible. Don’t let the wind change your direction. Stay the course you develop through your marketing plan.

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30 Day Blueprint for Success; Organization

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The first step is to get organized.  You must have systems in place before you begin. 

You’ll need to manage your database of names.  Your spheres of influence, advertising, referrals, referral entry points, and list compilation,

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Update for 30 Day Blueprint & Catalog

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Hey Gang,

I’ve had so many questions about updating the site and requests for additional materials I thought I’d update with this quick note. 

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30 Day Blueprint for Success

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Today we begin our 30 day blueprint for success.

Over the next several days we’ll be discussing how to start selling pre-need by the bucket loads from scratch.

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5 Minute Quickie, Referrals

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Here’s an easy way to pick up a few referrals without ever asking.

When filling out a pre-arranged funeral agreement there’s always that moment when your couple/individual are watching you fill out the paper work.

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