The Prescription For All Your Prospecting Problems

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Prospecting by far is the most difficult area a Pre-Need Seller will confront.

The standard remedy is to Cold-Call or Door-Knock.  This cold method has been in place forever if not longer.  In today’s world it’s not easy to door-knock with gated communities, city ordinances, and the general attitude of the public.  In addition cold-calling has several more problems from the do-not-call list, to restricted home phone numbers, to the popularity of cell-phones, and voice-mail to name a few.

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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sales Letters/Prospecting But Didn’t Know Who To Ask

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know about sales letters/prospecting but didn’t know who to ask

From the mail bag:

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How to develop a list

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This question came in recently:  Go to the bottom of the page and check out the question and response and links.

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I’ve tapped into my spheres of influence, now what?

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The question of “what next” came up recently and I thought I’d address it now.

The point of Mining Your Natural Market is to create a mind-set of always seeking referrals and learning your presentation in a way that acquires referrals from everyone and anyone you present.

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How Can I Tap Into Spheres If?

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How Can I Tap Into Spheres of Influence
if I don’t Know Anyone or Been
In My Town  A Short Time?
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The Top 10 Read Posts?

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Here’s an interesting question emailed to me.

What’s the Top 10 read posts?  Where do you get some of your information for your articles?  I really love your stuff, thanks!

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Low Cost Prospecting Strategy #1: Mine Your Natural Market

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Low Cost Prospecting Strategy #1
Mine Your Natural Market

This is by far the cheapest and most powerful strategy you can incorporate into your prospecting system.  You have the most leverage (influence) over a small amount of people you personally know.

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Ok, I’ve been receiving many emails from you for products. I’ve made available several products that relate to generating leads through your own natural market. Click here to see the offer

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