How to save time prospecting while presenting

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It’s easy for your supervisor to tell you to ask for referrals but how do you do it and keep the flow of the presentation going?  Anytime you can make a presentation and acquire new referrals you are prospecting and presenting at the same time.  (One of the most effective uses of your time).

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Pre-Need Sellers, Sales Letters & Testimonials

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Pre-Need Sellers should be armed with all the tools available for successful pre-need selling.

When you meet a family in their home how much do they really know about you?  And what’s important to your couple meeting with you?  Finally, think about what’s important to you when you meet a sales person involving a purchase of thousands of dollars?

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New ezine-article on prospecting

September 18, 2009 by · 2 Comments 

I’ve just published a new ezine article you can check it out below on 2-step prospecting.

Click here for ezine article

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A Quick Money Saving Tip

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A Quick Time/Money Saving Tip for the pre-need seller.

If you’re wasting time you’re wasting money!

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It is kind of interesting how people will tell you you can earn massive amounts of money selling pre-arrangements but either they can’t sell any or cannot give you an example of someone making at least 6-figures selling.

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Shut the email off and pick-up another hour a day

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Shut the email off and pick up another hour a day

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The Keys To Niche Prospecting/Presenting

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When niche prospecting…

Niche prospecting is making the correct presentation using the correct language to the correct group of prospects you’ve researched.  If you have something in common with your Prospects (Mining Your Natural Market) it will reduce the amount of research you need to do because birds of a feather flock together.  If you don’t have a natural commonality with the Prospects you’re going after you’ll need to research, research, and still research.

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