Two young men began selling pre-need together

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Dear Reader,

On a beautiful late spring afternoon, 3 years ago, two young men began working for the same company. They were very much alike, these two young men.

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How to eliminate a bad habit when selling pre-need

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We all have bad habits.  I’ve got my share of habits I’d love to get rid of.  Over the years I’ve learned that it’s difficult to eliminate those bad habits.

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A quick update and Happy Thanksgiving

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Hey Gang,

I’ll be posting again this Sunday.

If you’re new to the site be sure and sign up for FREE email updates at the top right of the web page.

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More on Sales Letters, Thanksgiving Cards For The Pre-Need Seller

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I had quite a few great emails of questions and comments on sending Thanksgiving Cards instead of Christmas Cards (or Happy Holiday Cards).

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How Pre-Need Sellers Profit From Adversity

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As long as we’re talking about goals we might as well discuss adversity.

“Every adversity carries within it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”
— Napoleon Hill

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Success begins when YOU Invest in your SELF

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You’ve heard me preach this forever.  Nobody can take away your knowledge and your experience.  Really good sellers of pre-need can go anywhere they want and work for who ever they want.  Sales talk everyone else listens. Read more

Don’t shoot the messenger, listen to the message

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All to often we tend to shoot the messenger when we receive bad news.  Because of this we tend to focus on everything but the truth.  As a result a great many Sellers of Pre-Need go by the way side because they simply focus on the wrong thing.

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More on achieving those goals

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You are what you think about most.  You are a reflection of what you spend your thoughts and money on.  You are a reflection of your environment.  Who you hang out with and the attitudes and culture of those you hang out with every day.

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How to make a goal of making 6-figures selling pre-need

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You will never accomplish great things in your life until you first clarify your purpose.  Once you’ve established your true purpose setting your goals and achieving them requires TIME.

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