In the coming weeks…

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In the coming weeks we’ll be talking about specific strategies to:

  • double your sales volume in half the time
  • work smarter not harder
  • turn yourself into a marketing/prospecting machine
  • become and tell the world you’re an expert in your industry
  • publish an article/story/feature/get quoted
  • leverage your prospects/families into referrals
  • accumulate lots and lots of referrals
  • publish your own newsletter (simply & easily)
  • become number one in sales in your office/region
  • achieve your dreams/goals

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The Pre-Need Wanderer

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I never cease to be amazed by the Pre-Need Wanderer.

You know who I’m talking about?  The seller of pre arrangements who gets to the office in time for coffee and a doughnut only to begin the wandering routine of;

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Ask for referrals in your monthly newsletter

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Face it!  You’re in sales!  You spent a lot of time, money, and aggravation getting that sale.  The odds are your new customer does like you.  For many sellers of prearrangement(s) your new customers can easily be turned into advocates for you and your product.

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A simple lesson for selling

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Ok, I’m a bit annoyed so pardon the rant for a moment.

A fellow pre-need seller (who will remain nameless) really aggravated me the other day when he said he “can’t get things done”. Read more

Merry Christmas or whatevery you celebrate

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Have a Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate!

If you’re new to the site feel free to roam around.  Become a subscriber by enrolling on the right side of this page.  Subscribing has its privileges and I’ll send you some strategies to help you sell more pre-need now.  Subscribing is FREE.

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Never give up, always be thinking, what’s next…

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The real  key is to never give up. 
Continue fighting until the end, get up
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Consistent Selling is nothing more than…

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Consistent selling equals consistent activity

If you want your sales to be consistent than your prospecting must be consistent.  It’s real tempting to get a bunch of leads (quit prospecting) and spend all of your time working those leads. 

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How to prospect on the cemetery grounds

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From the email bag:

How do you work the cemetery grounds?

The cemetery is a fantastic place to prospect for new business.  Contrary to what you might think visitors to the cemetery are typically interested in pre-planning.  Especially, grave spaces and funeral pre-arrangements.  The tricky part is the approach.  I like to get a conversation started and let the family bring up grave spaces.  If they don’t bring it up at some point you can mention; where are your locations?

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Christmas Time Is Perfect To Work The Cemetery Grounds

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If you work at a cemetery listen up!

For most of us selling pre-need this time of year poses plenty of problems.  If you’ve already hit your goals for the year and heading off to a warm spot for the next couple of weeks disregard this post.

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