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The State of Pre-Need, Prospecting, Niche, no matter what you sell

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I had a conversation, recently, with a friend in the pre-need business.  It was interesting.  I got his thoughts on the present environment for selling pre-arrangements.

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3 Prospecting Strategies for In-House Sales

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I’ve put together a 3 part strategy for those sellers of pre-arrangements who work in-house.

A quick definition before we get started.  I define a pre-need seller working in-house as a cemetery or pre-need funeral person who is assigned duties inside the cemetery or funeral home.

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Don’t get hung-up on minutia

January 11, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Recently I received several emails concerning commas, periods, and other grammatical issues.

I thought I’d address these issues once again and I hope you get the bigger point here.

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Some Updates

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There will be various upgrades to the website for the next several days.

I’m told the upgrades can create an assortment of problems.

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Activity equals synergy for the PreNeed Seller

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Best bet for the Pre-Need Seller is to start the year RUNNING not idling.

Its interesting how the average Pre-Need Seller can put together a fantastic month once a year but cannot put together a string of excellent performances month after month.

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