A FREE Offer

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The Last Word On Newsletters

I have a Special FREE Offer for you.  More on that in a moment.

One last thing on newsletters.

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Achieving expert pre-need seller status thru newsletters

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Achieving expert status thru newsletters

I know we’ve been on the newsletter channel for awhile, so, what the heck?

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Planning your How To Sell Pre-Need Newsletter

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A former teacher of mine used to say, “gentleman and ladies without organization there is chaos”.

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How to slip a sales letter into a newsletter

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Sales people and business owners could increase sales, recognition, brand building, and expert status through the use of a Newsletter.

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Rules of Thumb for Newsletters

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Okay, I’m going to get a little tough with you… call it tough love, call it whatever you want.

As someone used to say to me; if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.

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How to use newsletters to get sales

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We’re working through “stay-in-touch” program and how to turn your newsletter into a prospecting/referral/follow-up/stay-in-touch tool to get more business.

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Oy Vey, Where to begin?

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I  love my email box.  I love it because after spending time deleting junk I get to the questions you have been submitting.

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7 Tips to get referrals naturally and easily

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Below are seven tips to get referrals easily and naturally.

Referrals are golden.  Most won’t even ask for a referral.  It can be awkward.  The more comfortable you are asking….the more successful you’ll be in getting referrals.

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Turn your newsletter into a postcard

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A newsletter doesn’t have to be a traditional newsletter.  In fact, you can make a newsletter anything you want.  There really aren’t any rules when it comes to newsletters.

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