No Cold-Prospecting of Any Kind

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Years and years ago I worked for a company “selling” with no advertising, no cold calling, no snail-mailings, no fliers, no television, no radio, no internet, and no cold-prospecting of any kind.

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How to Successfully Present

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Years ago I shadowed a very successful seller of pre-arrangements.  I was fascinated by his presentation.  He incorporated his personality into the process he followed every time.

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There are other ways of developing new business besides your natural market but…

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The point of this website is to give you strategies and techniques to help you double your sales in half the time.

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Gone are the Once In A Blue Moon SALES

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In October’s “How to Sell PreNeed Letter”, I talk about a “Sale A Day” mentality and what it takes to make six figures every year selling pre-arrangements. Read more

How to Orchestrate a better YOU

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Last time we spoke about 3 steps to help organize you.

Based on the mail I’m going to elaborate more on the first step:

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How to Implement the 5 Steps NOW

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We’ve been talking about the 5 areas you must be good at to be a Top Producer

Many of us might look at this and think an elephant just walked into the room.

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