The Pre-Need Secret to Getting Referrals

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Some Lessons Learned at…

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How To Sell Pre-Need funeral/cemetery.
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What I learned at the Cemetery

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When I started in this business plus 13 years ago I was outside sales and sold pre-need cemetery (usually packages) the down-sell cemetery property.

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The Pre-Need Seller & The Restaurateur

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A friend of mine opened a very nice Ma & Pa restaurant a few years ago.  The food was outstanding and I would tell all my friends and more about it.  Just shy of his first year in the business he told me things weren’t going well and he was in trouble. 

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How to Get Really Great at Presentations

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Grab a pen and take a few notes.

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A revolutionary way to Prospect thru events…

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How to sell massive amounts of pre-arrangements thru sales letters without a gun…

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More from the E-mail BOX

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From The Mail BOX – Snail-mail or E-mail

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From the email box…


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How to IMPROVE your SELF and Attitude in ONE SIMPLE STEP

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The other day I heard a song on the radio I hadn’t heard in years.  It was a good song and I was surprised I had remembered the words.  The song took me on a journey back to my school days and a specific time in my life.  It was definitely fun.

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