Feeding Your Mind With Pre-Need Sales

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It’s Easy To Sell Pre-Need When You Know What You Want

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Recently a fellow Pre-Need Seller shared with me he’s sick and tired of not making the sales he needs to make the income he wants.

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Pre-Need vs. Final Expenses

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In the March 2013 Q & A section of the monthly, print version, snail-mail, paid subscription HOW TO SELL PRE-NEED Newsletter I respond to a question from a seller of pre-need who also sells final expense policies.

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The Pre-Need Seller, Time & Money

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Time is not money!

Recently someone reminded me you can actually save money but you can’t save time.

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The PreNeed Seller & Objections p.1

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This question came up recently.  “When you try to get leads how do you overcome objections?” Read more

PNS sitting on the dock of the bay

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“The Dock of the Bay” was a song written by Otis Redding and Steve Cropper. 

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You must recognize there’s a problem

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I must admit the majority of the emails I’m receiving have a theme of “selling”.

That is newbie sellers of pre-arrangements asking how to sell pre-need.

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