Who cares what they think?

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Who cares what “they” think?

I’ve never come out with this publicly

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In the May issue of How To Sell Pre-Need NEWSLETTER I cover 3 super
easy ways to get referrals during the presentation without hardly any effort at all.

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You can receive the Special Report on Memorial Weekend by…

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Quite a few of you have been asking about the Special Report in the upcoming print-version, snail-mail, paid-subscription, monthly, How To Sell Pre-Need Newsletter Read more

Q & A on the Membership Program

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From the email box:


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How to paint your wagon with sales

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There’s two types of people, those going somewhere and those going nowhere.

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Answering the Big Question

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It seems to be counter-intuitive but you might want to start focusing on questions more than answers.

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7 Obstacles Holding You Back

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If you’d like to remove obstacles to your success you must understand what those things are that hold you back. Read more

What’s your magic number?

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If we looked at the average Pre-Need Seller and the idea of building wealth (or retirement if you prefer)  we’d discover the typical attitude 80% of them have. 

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A quick Pre-Need Seller Checkup

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This will be a very short update.

Are you on track to achieve your “wants” goals?

Winners measure everything and losers don’t measure anything.

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