The Pre-Need Seller and immersion

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Got an interesting question…
Here it is:

“David, I have a large amount of leads but am pretty bad at following up with them.  What can I do?  Usually, when I follow-up (sometimes months later) the prospect
doesn’t remember even talking to me.  Many times they complain about me calling on the phone.  What should I do?

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Are you asking the wrong question?

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This question comes in a lot,
in different forms:

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I don’t respond to clowns

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“You’re going to have critics. Screw ‘em.” –Mike Ditka

While I appreciate every reader of this website I’ve gotta say there’s a few folks out there who just aren’t happy at all.

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How to find more discipline

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In the April newsletter, THE BIG LESSON, I talk about how to naturally and easily find more discipline NOW.

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No Close is necessary for the sale

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I’ve received a lot of email comments from the subscriber update I sent out recently:

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Major Updates to Website

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Silver Level Membership is now updated.

If you are receiving the snail-mail, print version, How to Sell Pre-Need Newsletter you are now Silver Level Member

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who reads how to sell pre-need

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There are generally 3 types of people who read this site.

New Pre-Need Seller SEEKERS:  People who want to sell more or get started but unsure if How To Sell Pre-Need is the answer.

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The Pre-Need Seller and Thick Skin

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Judging from recent emails I’ve received you folks need a thicker skin.

Several recent emails have complained about being “insulted” and “hurt” and “can’t take rejection” and to many “NOs”

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Fooling the Pre-Need Seller

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Recently a Coaching Member told me he was fooled by a Prospect.

What he was referring to was a second appointment with a Prospect to get the money.

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