don’t mess with Jim

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There’s an old song I heard the other day
and it brought back some memories

Have you ever had that happen?

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Climbing the ladder to “elite” status

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This question came in…

I’m trying to get started selling pre-need
and certainly want to get to the “elite” level
that you talk about.  How do I jump to the
elite status now?

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The Pre-Need Player & The Light-bulb

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The Preneed Player & The Light bulb

There’s a little known fact about the light bulb
that’s very telling for the Preneed Player

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Reinventing The At-Need Lady

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This question came in…

I’ve been in the business for nearly 10 years but seem to have hit the wall with new business.  I’m not sure what I’m doing differently but the sales have declined dramatically.  What would you suggest?

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Master Pre-Need Seller

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Several years back…

Well, really, a lot of years ago, when I was in my late teens…

I worked as an Electrician…

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The Pre-Need Seller & Boardwalk

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I used to play Monopoly when I was a kid

We played it a lot

Over the years we ended up tweaking the rules to allow for a quicker game

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The Pre-Need Lone Ranger

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This fascinating question came in…

I really appreciate your website and read it every day. I feel like the Lone Ranger as anything I do no one else will do
and thinks I’m out of my mind. Most of what you seem to preach would make you the Lone Ranger of sorts.
I’m the Lone Ranger and don’t need anyone’s help. I really don’t want any help. What do you think?

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The Pre-Need Plateau

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The Pre-Need Plateau

This question came in…

I’m at the top of my game right now. Had the best year of my career in 2012 but things are a little slower this summer.
Just wondering if there’s something I could do to get me back in “record breaking” territory. Do you have anything
for the more advanced seller? Thanks for the daily emails, Jim

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There’s a guy named Cal Ripken Jr

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