More Tips For Getting Referrals

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From the archive section of the website.

In a previous edition on the 7 Tips to get referrals naturally and easily,

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Focus on YOU

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In a previous Lessons Learned series from the
auto-mechanic shop.

The lesson is huge.

I don’t know about your image of auto-shop but mine is
of the key mechanic dressed in overalls with grease,

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Two Valuable Lessons From A Former Mentor

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A former mentor of mine taught me
a lot about selling pre-need,

How to sell it,

How to look for new business,

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Achieving Your Pre-Need Goal

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This email question came in…

I’m new to selling preneed and had
to write down my goal.  I decided I’d
like to make a hundred thousand dollars
this year.  Is that realistic?

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Merging your principles & objectives

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For the successful Pre-Need Seller,

Merging together your Objectives and,
Your Principles equals,

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Preneed is Like Riding A Bike

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In a previous post I gave an analogy pre-need sales
are similar to riding a bicycle.

Do you remember learning to ride a bike?

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Master Preneed Players

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Mastermind Preneed Players.

There’s two things that I really attribute to my pre-need selling success.

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Getting Referrals Every Step of the Way

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In a previous Gold Level Weekly Fax,

For Many Referrals Are The Life-Blood
Of New Business…

Years ago I worked for a company that
did no advertising,

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The Accountable Preneed Player

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Selling pre-need is a lonely business.

Really, we spend most of our time chasing
prospects, following-up with prospects,
presenting to prospects,

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