The Vital Statistics Page & Referrals

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Here’s an easy way to pick up a few
referrals without ever asking.

When filling out a pre-arranged funeral agreement
there’s always that moment,

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Preneed and the holidays

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I receive a lot of questions about
holidays and pre-arrangements.

And, I think it is important to
understand that,

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62 degrees this morning

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As many of you know I’ve been traveling
back and forth – Nevada, California, Arizona.

A recent stay in a hotel was rather interesting.

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another prospecting mistake

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In a previous follow up we spoke
about prospecting mistakes,

10 to be exact.

But there’s more.

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Ads that Get Results

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Advertising can be one of the biggest wastes of money.

It is interesting how you will find many
people trying to get you to advertise in their
publications promising you everything under the sun.

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