I ain’t leaving until I make the exchange.

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One of the greatest Sales Trainers and Motivational
Speakers of all time was the late Zig Ziglar.

His speeches, books, and many other programs/products
inspired several generations of salespeople
around the world.

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…is there someone else?

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Cartoonist Charles Addams was an
American cartoonist famed for his
darkly humorous and macabre characters…

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Preneed Players in Cargegie Hall

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We talked about industrialist/philanthropist
Andrew Carnegie a few days back.

Of course, he’s famed for many things – including
the famed music venue “Carnegie Hall”.

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Number One Job When Selling

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As a preneed seller who recognizes the value of
“closing the deal,”

Consider this important question:

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How to PILE ON the proof

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Here’s a sales scenario I’d wager you’ve encountered
at least more than a few times:

Your prospect seems to like what you have to offer.

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The Positive Power of Negative Prep

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We’ve been focusing on strategies for
“CLOSING THE DEAL” recently…

And while on that topic, a sequence from the
movie PATTON came to mind.

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more outrageous prospecting

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Last time we spoke about the top two reasons preneed “outrageous” prospecting is necessary.

Today, the other two reasons…

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