Why “Hamlet” was asking the wrong question

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Shakespeare’s Hamlet is best known for this single self-referential query:

“To be or not to be – that is the question.”

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Why pre-need sellers get “lost” on their way to success

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Remember “LOST” – that hit TV show from ABC?

Talk about a roller-coaster ride.

End-to-end from 2004 to its controversial conclusion in 2010, LOST was a one show that consistently delivered unique characters, bizarre plot twists, and incomprehensible-yet-addictive storylines.

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why you need pre-need millipede prospecting

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If there’s one critter known for creepy crawlies, it’s the lowly millipede.

Contrary to what you might think they,

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preneed players make the time

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Please allow me just a second to share a GREAT quote from master salesman Joe Karbo, author of, “The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches”

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preneed foundations & Christopher Columbus

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Here is a small piece of interesting
trivia for you…fundamentals are
named fundamentals because,

They are the basic, undisputed
truths of any subject.

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