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I’ve recently put a few links to some of the more popular items.

How to Sell Pre-Need was designed for the seller of pre-arrangements, both funeral and cemetery.  More recently I’ve added a level for Sales Manager/Supervisors.

The goal has always been to help the little guy/gal.  For the most part we’re on our own even if we work for a large company.  No one can take your knowledge or experience away.  No one.

Congrats on taking it to the next level.

Even if you change careers the information on this website’s very applicable to selling in general.  If you can sell grave spaces/caskets you can sell anything.

Lastly, selling pre-need is the softest sale on the planet.  If you’re a hard closer you’ll fail miserably in this business.

Below you’ll find different Pre-Need Levels and several packages.

Happy Selling!


There are 5 How To Sell Pre-Need Levels

Preneed Players:

Preneed Players (a monthly snail-mail publication) with the latest pre-need selling high-level techniques.  Also included is a monthly HOT SHEET preneed strategy you can take and run with now.  There are other Special Reports and Sample materials with occasional audio CD of the newsletter.

Preneed Players Info/Description

Silver Level:

Private Silver Level website access

Monthly Private Silver Level Updates

Silver Level Membership page contains:

   –Preneed Lessons Learned Series

   –Pre-Need Extreme Instant Productivity

   –5 Special Reports

   –Prelude to a Sales Letter

Monthly publication, Preneed Players (snail mailed)

Monthly Preneed Players HOT SHEET insert (snail mailed)

Occasional monthly CD of the publication (snail mailed)

And more…

Silver Level Info/Description

Gold Level:

Gold Level Private Website Access

Gold Level (every other month) 2-page Pre-Need Implementation Strategy

Gold Level Member weekly fax (emailed or faxed)


All of Silver Level Benefits Above Plus

Preneed Players publication & HOT SHEET insert

Occasional audio CD recording of Preneed Players publication

Gold Level Info/Description

Diamond Level:

This is a higher level for the pre-need seller and/or manager and includes:

Private Diamond Level website access

Monthly Sales Leader Agenda

Top Producer Certificate

Monthly Pre-Need Seller Worksheet (training lesson)

Monthly Pre-Need Seller Worksheet & Lesson with answers (training lesson)

Quicker email access to me via a separate email address

Done-4-U Newsletter

Plus all of Gold Level Benefits

Plus all of Silver Level Benefits

Monthly Preneed Players & HOT SHEET insert (snail mailed)

Occasional audio CD of Preneed Players

Diamond Level Info/Description

Some other Pre-Need Packages you should find interesting:

Preneed Scripts

Preneed Lessons Learned Series

Preneed HOT SHEETs Strategies

Starter Package

How to Sell Pre-Need Special Reports

The Complete Guide to Writing Sales Letters

Top 10 All Time Posts & more

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