Presentation and Other Scripts

I get a lot of emails with various questions and requests.  The package below has several scripts including the big presentation script.  The presentation script can be used with any type of personal planning guide, emergency guide, emergency family guide, pre-arrangement guide, or what ever you might call it.

I don’t recommend memorizing scripts however for some it is important.  While still others find scripts a useful guide to understand where they are and where they are heading.

Your job description is critical to your success.  I spent years trying to explain to people what I do.  I’m not a Funeral directory, licensed Mortician, and never care to be.  I have nothing against these folks just don’t want to be one of them.

You should elaborate on your job description when you have time and incorporate your story of why you got into the business.  Most of you know why I got into the business.  Well, I’m passionate about this business and still use my job description in conjunction with my story.  I can tell my story in 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 8 minutes, or 30 plus minutes.

You need to be able to do the same.

Obviously, when I get into lengthy explanations of why I got into the business it is applicable to the Prospect I’m presenting too.  Don’t bore your Prospects.  Boring is bad.

Keep it light but don’t lose focus.

Scripts help you keep on track.

One final note.

Some people will take these scripts and make bullet point notes and use those notes when in front of Prospects.  All I can say is do what works for you.

Finally, I have recorded an audio mp3 for each of the scripts.  You’ll hear me mention a little more about the idea behind the script, the concept, the principles, and more…

As a Special BONUS I’m including all of the audio files that go with each script listed below.

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Presentation & Successful

Pre-Need Selling Package

Package includes:

  1. Your Job Description & How to incorporate it into your Presentation
  2. Profile to a Presentation (easy place to get referrals)
  3. Presentation Sample Script
  4. Door-Knocking Script
  5. Call-Mail-Call Script
  6. 4 Commitments to getting the sale every time 

These scripts will take you from Prospecting…

Profile of the Presentation

4 Commitments to a sale

The complete presentation

Closing is nothing more than getting the check
when you make a quality presentation
and get those 4 commitments

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Your Job Description & How to incorporate it into your Presentation, audio

Profile of a Presentation, audio

Presentation Sample Script, audio

Door-Knocking Script, audio

Call-Mail-Call Script, audio

4 Commitments to getting the sale every single time, audio

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  5. The mystery of successful pre-need selling
  6. How to start selling Pre-Need from scratch
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