There are several ways to prospect for new business BUT…

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But the worst way of prospecting is to do only one thing.  I’ve known a few preneed sellers who only door knock, for example.  Although I don’t recommend door knocking unless its tied into something else you can’t depend on any one form of prospecting.

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Preneed Players file “flight-plans”

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An interesting thing about Smaller Aircraft Pilots is a “flight-plan”.  Especially for shorter flights some pilots don’t file a “flight-plan”.  But statistics indicate more than half of Pilots involved in accidents (mishaps) did not file a “flight-plan”.

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A Special Message for the Newbie Preneed Seller

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First, welcome to How to Sell PreNeed… The Premier Funeral & Cemetery Sales Training Source.  I thought I’d take a few moments to share what this site’s all about and dedicated to.

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The TRUE pre-need value of smoke & mirrors

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The term “Smoke and Mirrors” emerged from the world of Magic and Magicians – where hidden mirrors and smoke was used, to hide the truth from an unsuspecting audience.

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why you need pre-need millipede prospecting

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If there’s one critter known for creepy crawlies, it’s the lowly millipede.

Contrary to what you might think they,

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Roman horse, Railroads, & Preneed

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It’s sometimes hard to separate myth
from fact.

It’s even more difficult when they
seemingly make sense to blend
perfectly together.

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Dare to be “Preneed” Different

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I learned a key marketing principle
a long time ago,

A simple principle I use to this day.

That is, if you want to get the same results
that everyone else gets,

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more outrageous prospecting

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Last time we spoke about the top two reasons preneed “outrageous” prospecting is necessary.

Today, the other two reasons…

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Preneed Invisible Prospecting

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While checking out Netflix the other night I spotted  an OLD movie I hadn’t seen in years:

“The Invisible Man”

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