Pre-Need Sales Referrals are Easy

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I say that because most people think referrals are more difficult than they have to be.  In fact, I’d guess that preneed sales people all believe in their product/services so much that everyone should give them referrals.

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Pre-Need Referrals, Life-Blood of your business

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You’ve heard it before and I’ll repeat it just in case.  Prospecting is the most difficult thing you can do “on the planet” to generate more leads for your pre-need sales.  It’s difficult and very time consuming.

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Business Networking Ideas for the Pre-Need Seller

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Hey Gang,

David here…

I posted something similar to this yesterday and thought I’d include this today.

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Can you really sell more preneed thru less networking functions?

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This was posted on a different sister site.  It is very applicable to gaining referrals and more pre-arrangements.  I’ve included a link to the site and if you’d like to grab it I’ve got a link below and the offer’s been extended…

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Preneed Players Prospect & Present at the same time

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It has been many years ago but I used to work for a company that did no advertising at all.  The sales force depended completely on referrals.

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A Special Message for the Newbie Preneed Seller

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First, welcome to How to Sell PreNeed… The Premier Funeral & Cemetery Sales Training Source.  I thought I’d take a few moments to share what this site’s all about and dedicated to.

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The real secret to selling pre-arrangements in a high-tech world

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The real secret to selling pre-arrangements.  That is to plan a funeral in advance.  To get more Pre need funeral sales now.  The first thing you should do is focus on either the funeral sales presentation and/or the cemetery sales presentation.

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The Greatest Pre-Need Skill on Earth

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We’ve been discussing why Hamlet asked the wrong questions and, focusing on the RIGHT pre-need answer to the right question.

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The Vital Statistics Page & Referrals

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Here’s an easy way to pick up a few
referrals without ever asking.

When filling out a pre-arranged funeral agreement
there’s always that moment,

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