What’s Next for How To Sell Preneed

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First thing’s first.  To the mail bag:

Why don’t you have any comments after your posts?

Great question, Bill.  So, I used to publish all of the comments I receive, and just in case you didn’t know, I have more than 3,318 comments.

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The Monthly Publication is Ending…

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Just a quick update.  After producing my monthly preneed publication for almost 10 years I’m retiring it out in October.  Why October?  Well, that’ll be officially 10 years.  The publication has gone through 3 make-overs with the most recent change about 4 years ago.

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Hey Gang, David here…

The Computer Guy just did some updates to the website and the Catalog page is live again.

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Updating Website

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We’ll be testing and updating the website Memorial Weekend.

enjoy your weekend….

Diamond Level Update

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A quick update…

The mid-month update has been snail-mailed and private area of
Diamond “Sales Leader” Level is done.

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The Accountable Preneed Player

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Selling pre-need is a lonely business.

Really, we spend most of our time chasing
prospects, following-up with prospects,
presenting to prospects,

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You A Preneed Celebrity?

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Why you need to be a Celebrity Preneed Player

We live in a Celebrity culture.

Most media organizations focus on celebrities. Read more

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