7 Secrets to Prospecting Conclusion

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In the final part of our series on 7 secrets to Prospecting I’ve got something special for all my subscribers.  Remember the commercial membership has its privileges?

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The truth of the matter is Prospecting can be very easy, if you’ll change your mind-set from a cold-hard-approach to a warm-fuzzy-way.  I’ve often referred to it as Magnetically attracting your Prospects.  Much like a magnet attracts medal you can attract Prospects in a similar way with them calling YOU, not you chasing them.

In this series I’ve talked about how most Pre-Need Sellers use the beggar approach just like the guy on the corner begging for money.  I’ve referred to bad positioning and how you want the toll position much like a toll roadway.  I’ve talked about Prospecting in the Olympic sized swimming pool versus a bathtub.  And, of course, I’d much rather Prospect in a bathroom sink (the smaller and more niche you prospect the more sales you make).  Most everyone thinks that the entire town they live in is prospecting territory.  The truth is that a small highly targeted list will net you much better results.

And, I’ve spoken about frequency of contact.  Most Pre-Need Sellers send one mailing or make one contact with a Prospect and give up.  I’ve laughed hysterically at Sales Associates who tell me (with a straight face) that they’d much rather call their prospects because if they send more than one letter they’d be bugging the prospect.  Yeah, right, like calling the Prospect out of the clear blue sky isn’t bugging ’em?

Today, we’re going to talk about magnetically drawing in your Prospect.  This approach is very similar to a Doctor’s office business model.  How many of you have ever had a Doctor call you to sell you on a two-for-one deal?  Bring in one other sick patient and your office visit is half price.

Probably not.

And, if you ever had a Heart Doctor cold-call-you, well, you get the point.  It ain’t gonna happen.

The way to magnetically draw in prospects is to develop a highly targeted list of prospects, communicate a message to your prospects, and deliver that message.

I’ve given examples of sending a mailing to a highly targeted list with a response rate of nearly 90%.  I’ve shared with you a strategy for staying-in-touch.  Begin today to change the way you think about Prospecting is the first step to success at selling pre-arrangements.  Magnetically drawing in your prospects is the only way to PROSPECT.

Chasing these folks is a tired method.  Cold-Prospecting is a dinosaur.  I used to hear people say this a while back.  That’s so yesterday!

Magnetic Prospecting is so TODAY!

Happy Selling!


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