Apollo 13 Solution…

January 14, 2014 by  

There’s a part in the movie Apollo 13 where
Gary Sinse is doing the grunt work necessary
to help solve the problem.

At one point he’s been working on the solution
for hours when a co-worker asks if he wants
to take a break.

His reply, “do they get a break up there?”

Sometimes the need for urgency isn’t there for everybody.

And, sometimes you’ve got to go way outside
your comfort zone and really stretch yourself.

I recently purchased a home and had to endure
some of the worst customer service.

When the paperwork was signed we were all left in the
office for a long period of time,

Finally, we got up and left the room.

It was pretty much a horrible experience involving
no less than seven different people telling us
seven different things,

All incorrect information,

Just to get the paperwork signed and the
transaction recorded.

There was no consistency, a different department
for everything including the minutia of an explanation
of how they screwed up recording the transaction,

Which, by the way, had been done wrong and
had to be repeated.

The follow-up was non-existent.

The Pre-Need Lessons Learned,

Take a long look and listen to your own
process you use to walk a Prospect from
beginning to end.

Is it “user” friendly?

Happy Selling!


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