Door-Knocking Update

November 10, 2009 by  

We’re in the middle of our series on Door-Knocking in year 2009.

Here’s a quick review:

The goal is to determine if door-knocking still works in the year 2009.  The first test consisted of a two week time period where I’d door knock 5 days a week.  The first two weeks generated plus 50 leads and two immediate presentations and sales.  The reactions of Prospects was much the same as it was for me better than 7 years ago when I door-knocked more regularly.

The test was extended for two more weeks to run those leads.  Week three; a sale off a drop-by, week four; another sale off a door-knock.  Also, by the end of the fourth week I determined you need at least 100 leads to succeed.  I was now up to 76 leads. 

Does Door Knocking still work?

I door-knocked rich areas, poor areas, north, south, east, and west.  Though I got sales in all parts of town I couldn’t say one area was better than another area.  The poor areas tended to finance over time while the affluent areas paid cash.  Ironically, I could not pre-judge how people would react.  Some were nice, some were not nice.  If the prospect wasn’t interested they just wanted to get rid of me, though for the most part, they were pretty nice.

No one yelled at me or threatened me in any way.  For the most part my leads turned into a short conversation and I’d note some basic info and moved on to the next door.  If you listen real close your Prospects will tell you what they are interested in.

How does door-knocking work in the year 2009?

The end of the first week I had 26 leads and one sale.  The sale was off a door-knock, presentation was made on the spot, and a pre-need funeral sale.  Though I knocked a lot of doors I didn’t kill myself working.   The second week I generated plus 26 leads and got into another house and made a cemetery sale.  With a two week total of 54 leads I extended the door-knocking test for two more weeks.  The third week resulted in a sale off the drop-by from a previous door-knock lead.

The end of the first week door knocking

Armed with 54 leads (third week) I began running drop by(s).  Monday I dropped in on 8 leads.  The goal is to get into the home for presentation, warm the lead, or toast the lead.  It really is a good thing to burn those leads.  It’s also important to warm your box of leads evenly.  Don’t pre-judge your leads.

What is the true goal of door-knocking?

Organization and a system are necessary to succeed.  Never use just one method of Prospecting.  I recommend 3 separate Prospsecting strategies.  Door-knocking alone wont do it.  But, you’ll soon begin to forget about some of these individual leads so it’s important to stay organized.

Short, medium term prospecting through door-knocking

It really is about getting as many leads as you can than whittle them down.  Burning leads is a good thing.  Don’t hang onto Prospect who are not really Prospects.  You want people who do not own pre-arrangements but open to discussing it.  After you get your  lead you’ll drop by to warm up, burn, or get in the door for a presentation.

Where to door-knock and what to expect

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Happy Selling


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