Eliminating the Yo-Yo Effect

January 23, 2014 by  

So, yesterday we talked about a high producing Preneed Seller I met at the ICCFA Conference.

His goal for this year – make his sales more consistent.

He’s been dealing with the pre-need yo-yo effect where they’re up and down every month.

He wants to know what he can do to level it out.

One big reason we deal with the yo-yo effects of selling pre-need has more to do with,

The different pre-need marketing nets we have cast in the lake.

Most “so-called” gurus will tell you to prospect
for two hours a day to solve all of your problems.

To understand what is really necessary to solve the yo-yo effect of selling pre-need
we must categorize our prospecting.

So, for example, if you’re following up with an “at-need family”, think of that
as one form of prospecting.

And a better word to use would be Preneed Marketing.

There is commonality with “at-need families” and the better you get at
determining those characteristics,

The easier it is to put that group into one marketing basket.

This becomes one pre-need marketing net
used to capture one specific market.

Staying in touch with these folks is critical.

In fact, developing a set of communications that begins in the arrangement room
sets the tone and what you want to achieve with that family.

Some might refer to this as an “aftercare” program.

Now that we’ve identified this category what are we going to do to build
a marketing plan to ultimately capture these folks?

In the February edition of Preneed Players we’ll be diving into how to categorize a
group of people so you can market specifically to them and gain consistent new business to eliminate
the yo-yo effect.

Happy Selling!


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