Hard to Swallow

January 13, 2014 by  

This question came in…

I’m trying to learn everything I can before I
begin selling pre-arrangements.  How can I
learn it quicker?

This is hard to swallow for most…

The “elite” Preneed Players determine who
they’ll resonate with most and go after that
niche market.

It begins with a tight niche market.

An easy way to start is to mine your own
natural market for referrals.

But, beyond that, the folks at the top of
their game go after a well-defined
niche that meets their need,

And designate everything they do to
attract those customers
and ignore all others.

This can be a frightening, and foreign concept
to swallow for most.

Because they think they have to be available
to all individuals.

Instead of trying to be all things to all people
pick a niche and focus all of your energies on
that niche and the individuals that fit it.

Happy Selling!


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