How to slip a sales letter into a newsletter

April 23, 2010 by  

Sales people and business owners could increase sales, recognition, brand building, and expert status through the use of a Newsletter.

We’re been talking about how you can use newsletters to prospect, stay-in-touch, follow-up, gain referrals, and much more.

To keep it simple don’t be afraid to go outside the box when it comes to using newsletters.

Recently I did a split test with a sales letter and newsletter.

I sent a mailing to customers we haven’t had contact with in years.  From 15 – 45 years of silence on our part.  As you’ll recall I first sent a postcard to these folks and had a huge response.

Anyway, the postcard was used to make contact for the purpose of updating our files (see subscriber newsletter #04).  If you aren’t a subscriber go to the right of this page and subscribe and I’ll send a link to newsletter #04 in the “welcome” email).

I followed up the postcard mailing using a split test of a sales letter and newsletter.  Half the group received the newsletter and half received the sales letter.

As the responses and sales come in I’ll update you.

The point is you can take a sales letter and tweak it and insert it into your newsletter format.  You can take your postcard and tweak it into your newsletter.  You can take your newsletter and tweak into a postcard, sales letter, cash-flow surge, and on and on.

Take your best written communication and tweak it by changing the format.

The beauty of a newsletter is it is not perceived as a sales letter.  A newsletter is looked at more in a positive light.  But, done correctly, your newsletter can be a sales letter.

Of course, like everything else you mail be sure and include relevant non boring info because the Cardinal Sin is to bore your Prospect.

Boring’s the quickest way to the trashcan on the planet.

Happy Selling!


P.S.  You can get more on sales letters in the catalog page.  Check out the sales letter manual.


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