How to win using the Vegas formula

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In the May 2014 publication, Preneed Players,

We dive into how and why you should niche your pre-need business.

The ICCFA Convention was held in Las Vegas and it occurred to me that the
amount of competition for hotels/casinos is pretty huge.

And that brings up an interesting question
about the funeral industry.

As I walked around the massive expo floor I spoke to several Funeral Home owners.

Many of them spoke of the new competition
they were facing.

It got me thinking about the 22,000 conventions that were held in
Las Vegas last year.

When you think about it nearly every large hotel has a casino,

And a convention center,

And you can gamble at the gas station while filling the tank.

There’s a lot of competition in Vegas.

The secret to the success of multiple businesses vying for the same customer
is the same for the mortuary/cemetery.

That is to niche.

In Vegas they generally refer to it as theming the hotel,

But it is another way of saying niche.

That is to appeal to a smaller group of people within the larger

You wouldn’t see a Heart Specialist for a foot problem.

So, while the Heart Doctor reduces the larger pool of people to focus on
one specialty he/she is perceived different,

Than a General Doctor who sees all people as a generalist.

It’s outside the box thinking for the pre-need seller but it’ll greatly increase your
business to be perceived as a specialist an expert in a tightly defined niche.

Happy Selling!


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