more outrageous prospecting

March 1, 2015 by  

Last time we spoke about the top two reasons preneed “outrageous” prospecting is necessary.

Today, the other two reasons…

Reason number 3, People are People:

This is a big reason that way too many pre-need sellers don’t grasp.

They make the mistake to think that their prospects won’t respond to OUTRAGEOUS
prospecting/marketing/advertising because they are too sophisticated for it,

That it makes their company (or themselves)
look unprofessional.

This is total B.S. and very dangerous thinking.
I can tell you many preneed players have reported to me that once they “dipped-their-toe” into,

OUTRAGEOUS Prospecting,

It got them the best results they’ve ever seen.

Reason number 4, People like to Be Amused:

This is the thing that links it all together.

Since we’re bored and overwhelmed, we honestly like it when our day breaks up and
something puts a smile on our face.

In fact, we like to share that amusing thing with
others, so we tend to tell them about the,

OUTRAGEOUS Prospecting/Advertising we see.

There you have it – give it a try,

And see if it doesn’t have an immediate impact on your Preneed sales.

Happy Selling!


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