Preneed Invisible Prospecting

February 28, 2015 by  

While checking out Netflix the other night I spotted  an OLD movie I hadn’t seen in years:

“The Invisible Man”

Starring Claud Rains and written by R.C. Sherriff and  H.G. Wells himself,

The movie tells the tale of a scientist who discovers the formula  for turning invisible…
however, the change causes him to go mad – eventually becoming a lurking,
invisible killer.

Maybe the idea of turning invisible sounds like it could be fun… minus the madness part…

But one place you don’t want invisibility is
with your prospecting.

Sadly, however, all too many of the materials we put in our prospects’ hands – sales letters,
business cards, flyers, emails, etc. –

Wind up passing them by without notice just like the Invisible Man himself.

Why is this?

Well, here’s a couple reasons:

Reason #1, Everybody’s Bored:

That’s right!

People go through life dealing with “same-old-same-old” and are just bored with it.

Reason #2, Everybody’s Overwhelmed:

The last time I Googled it, rumor has it people see or hear over 3,000 advertising messages every day.

That’s a lot of messages.

The reason why you don’t realize it is because of Reason #1 above.

The key to breaking through is to shift from prospecting
“invisibly” to using a tactic we call,

“Outrageous Prospecting” –

Prospecting & Marketing designed from the get-go to break out of the ordinary to take center stage
right before your prospects.

It’s an approach that indeed WORKS — even those of us in the death-care business,

The business you’re in…

Next time we’ll cover the other,

Two Reasons Outrageous Prospecting Works.

Happy Selling!


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