The Preneed Yo-Yo

January 22, 2014 by  

The Preneed Yo-Yo

Had an interesting conversation with a
Top Producing Preneed Player who was
describing his sales for last year.

Up and down but mostly up.

Kinda like a Yo-Yo.

And he won a trip to the ICCFA Conference
for his total volume for the year.

When I asked him what he thought about the
conference and what he was looking to
get out of it,

He said, “more consistency with my sales”.

So, how do you work on your sales to make
them more consistent?

First, take an inventory of the different
“prospecting” you’re doing now.

The average Pre-Need Seller only does one
or two forms of prospecting.

What are you doing now that’s working and
what’s not working.

Once you’ve inventoried your prospecting
efforts consider eliminating what
doesn’t work well and,

Focus on the most productive marketing/prospecting
strategy you’re doing now and do more.

In the industry we refer to Prospecting
like it is the holy-grail.

But, truth be known, it isn’t really


It’s Marketing.

You see, Marketing is the kind of
Activity you do that casts a wider net.

It is those efforts that are made to
a specific, small, identified, group
of people.

Those folks are identified by different

We almost never go deep.

  • Demographic factors,
  • Geographic factors,
  • Psycho graphic factors.

These are big words so over the next
couple of days we’ll break it down
into smaller bite-sized pieces.

Happy Selling!


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