Roman horse, Railroads, & Preneed

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It’s sometimes hard to separate myth
from fact.

It’s even more difficult when they
seemingly make sense to blend
perfectly together.

Case in point: the “internet” will
tell you that the width of modern
railroad tracks,

(i.e. the gauge) derives from the
width of two horses… er…

The specifics come down to us from
Roman times as the width of the
ruts in the roads created for
Roman carts.

Which were built just wide enough
for two horses to pull.

Fact or Myth?

Well, a little of both… the gauge
between the ruts is very similar
to that adopted by George
Stephenson for,

The Stockton to Darlington railway
in 1837 – approximately 4ft,
8 inches.

But more likely than not the
correspondence has more to
do with the tendency of,

Humans to build things in
familiar ways,

Using existing tool-sets,

Rather than according to precise
dimensions laid down by history.

One thing that has carried through
with power over the past century
or so since rail transportation
emerged is,

The metaphor of “twin rails.”

It’s an apt analogy as many aspects
of life have a duality working
together for common purpose.

You see, how we grew up and the
tendency of us to do things
in familiar ways has,

A profound impact on us later
in life.

When your preneed prospect is in
the market for your services,

I recommend “twin rails” for making
a wise choice:

1) Everyone’s impacted by their own
family traditions and values and,

2) Connecting those values to your
products & services are how you
sell pre-arrangements.

If either of these isn’t in place,
then there’s no point in going
after that prospect – instead,

You should “change horses” and go
in a different direction.

Sort of a high-level way of thinking.

This is another reason why your preneed
presentation is so critical to your
success and why,

Product selling doesn’t work.

You see, you’ve got to connect the
prospect’s past history and

Instead of selling your product or

This is another way to eliminate
price resistance as well.

Which is why I make such a big deal
out of your presentation.

If yours is lousy or average at best
I suggest you go a different
direction and change

Happy Selling!


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