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October 4, 2013 by  

Yesterday we spoke about secret number 3,
response oriented marketing
(specifically advertising).

One more point about response oriented ads.
Be sure and pay close attention to the two page
HOT SHEET strategy insert in the latest
Preneed Players newsletter.

Whether you place an ad or someone else does it
for you make sure the ad includes the 3 necessary
components to a great ad
but more important,

The ad must generate measurable results.

That is a huge mistake most Preneed Sellers
make assuming that they need to run the ad multiple
times before there is a response.

This is a ginormous mistake and most so-called “gurus” don’t
get it and go along with the
mediocre majority.

Be an “elite” Preneeder, go outside the box like
the 20% percenter successful achieves do.

Look for immediate responses on your ad.

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Happy Selling!


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