The Pre-Need Seller and Drop-Bys, part 4

March 11, 2010 by  

Let’s review a little of this series.

We’ve spoken about the idea of researching a market and a strategy to capture new business by combining different techniques including postcards and in-person.

I’ve also mentioned a technique for in-house sales people to follow-up with at-need families.

I’ve given you some real world numbers and results from this strategy.

In part 3 we talked about combining these strategies and how to use them for in-house sales specifically at-need follow-up.

Below are the links to the previous parts:

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The question for you today…

What other methods of prospecting can you incorporate into your own current system?

The next step is to take all of these strategies and figure a way to apply them to your own unique situation.

There are individuals who keep up with this site that do not sell pre-arrangements.

I’ve had car sales people, realtors, small business owners…. to name a few.

Why do you think they keep up with this site?

Because they can transfer the prospecting techniques I talk about into their own profession.

In other words, this stuff works for anyone in Sales.

I just happen to focus on pre-need.

But, it also points out an obvious observation you might have missed.

People from other industries keeping up with this site are trying to improve.  They are going outside there own industry to improve.

This is why I talk about so called “industry gurus” who have never sold anything let alone what they are preaching to you about how or what to do.

You should study successful sellers. 


You should invest in YOUR SELF because no one else will do it for you and no one can take it away from you.

The more successful you are the more you call the shots. 

Finally, do the 5/60 rule.

Spend 5 minutes a day working on your goals and 60 minutes a day improving your self. 

There’s plenty of material on this site plus the catalog page to equip you.

Now, quit fiddle farting around and do it!

Happy Selling!


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