The Pre-Need Seller and The Fear of Prospecting

January 20, 2010 by  

I realize this is a common problem for Pre-Need Sellers, heck, anyone selling.

The fear of rejection leads the seller of pre-arrangements to do nothing.  Most sellers rely on walk-in, slam-dunk, lay-down, easy business.

The problem is there isn’t a ton of walk-in slam-dunk business out there.  You’ve got to augment the easy stuff with your own outside prospecting.

This is another reason to prospect/present at the same time and have a referral generating program in place.  Follow-up and stay-in-touch programs are critical to your success.

But, we’re talking about fear.

Without getting into a lot of psychology one thing you can do is to confront your fear with the attitude of “what can that prospect really do to me?”

Yell?  Scream?  Tell you to get lost?  Delay meeting with you?  No show you with appointment times?

The reality is your FEARS are in your head.  Every “NO” you get brings you  closer to a yes.  In fact, I encourage you to get your prospects to tell you “no” as fast as you can.

Your Prospect is doing you a favor by telling you “no” as soon as possible in the process.

Confront your fears head-on, develop a thick skin, and realize that your reward for selling is way more positive than any amount of “no(s)” you might receive along the way.

Every yes you receive will make it beneficial to your bank account.

The difference between a mediocre producer and a Top Achiever is just a little bit.

For the Top  Producer that little bit is a little thicker skin and an attitude of getting the “No(s)” out of the way to get closer to a “yes”.

Happy Selling!



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