The Pre-Need Seller and the process

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All sales involve a process and all sellers of pre-need use a system or process when prospecting and selling.

Imagine you were walking down the street during a sunny hot summer day.  As you passed a store you noticed ice cold lemonade.  As you thought about it being hot you decided to go into the store and purchase a cool lemonade.

There was a process to your decision.  Even though this process may have been short there were several steps.

It is the same for the Pre-Need seller and prospecting.  There is a process and you do have a system (no matter how good or bad the system might be).

A friend of mine shared with me that he likes to “deal hunt”.  Deal hunting is where you are prospecting for someone who is ready to purchase.  Ironically, most advertising, prospecting in general, appeals to someone at the end of the buying process more than the beginning or middle of the process.

The point is you need to sketch out the process and develop a system that works for you (and ultimately make the system automatic) to prospect.

In fact, I’d argue systems are important for your selling survival.  Once again, we all have a system (and a process we go through) for everything in life.

Try sketching out your process.  What is it you do from beginning to the end to get a sale?  Spend some time working through your own selling process and either streamline it or improve it so it works for you.

Next, automate as much of the process as you can.  This is another reason why I recommend sending more than one piece of correspondence to Prospects.  People are bombarded with “pitches” from everywhere and cannot remember all of it.  The tend to tune a lot of it out.

This is why using the Post Office through repetition can overcome Prospects ignoring you.

I heard once that a person has to see a commercial 7 times before it registers.

It isn’t much difference for the Pre-Need Seller and Prospects.  If your Prospect is at the tail end of the purchasing process one correspondence might do the trick….BUT, if all you ever do is “deal hunt” you’ll leave out a lot of people at the beginning or middle of the purchasing process.

Happy Selling!




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