The Vegas Advantage

November 15, 2014 by  

Even with the rise of internet gaming and
casinos appearing all across the US,

You won’t go wrong placing your bet on who
TripAdvisor dot com considers the,

Number One destination for gamblers:

Las Vegas, Baby! 

But why is that?

According to their site:

“The neon-lit casinos on The Strip,

The gaming heart of Las Vegas,

Just keep getting more opulent as they
replicate Euro landmarks,

Add thrill rides and celebrity chef-driven restaurants,
and incorporate new Cirque du Soleil shows.”

But there’s another reason besides “stuff to do”

Why the VEGAS mystique remains numero uno.

The Las Vegas tourism department made a concrete decision
to shift from promoting specific attractions,

To instead promoting a “philosophy” of what coming
to VEGAS means.

It’s Ad Agency, R&R partners put it this way:

“The emotional bond between Las Vegas and
its customers was freedom.

Freedom on two levels.

Freedom to do things, see things, eat things,
wear things, feel things.

In short, the freedom to be someone we
couldn’t be at home.

And freedom from whatever we wanted to leave
behind in our daily lives.

Just thinking about Vegas made the bad stuff go away.

At that point the strategy became clear.

Speak to that need.

Make an indelible connection between
Las Vegas and the freedom we all crave.”

Vegas is all about FREEDOM – which results in
the well-known tagline,

“What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.”

No matter how you feel about the socially
redeeming value (or lack thereof) communicated here,

There’s no doubt that Vegas has taken a strong stand to
communicate what it believes and values.

And that’s smart business.

Over the coming weeks we’ll dive deeper into the
subject of having and sharing,

Your business’s core philosophy…

…and the real value it can provide to your bottom line.

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