There are several ways to prospect for new business BUT…

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But the worst way of prospecting is to do only one thing.  I’ve known a few preneed sellers who only door knock, for example.  Although I don’t recommend door knocking unless its tied into something else you can’t depend on any one form of prospecting.

If its raining out it won’t be easy to door knock.  Any time you depend on one form of prospecting you risk something coming up that screws it up.

One thing of anything is another way of keeping all your eggs in one basket.  Drop the basket and you’re out of business.

You can apply the “one thing” to every thing in your life.  One bank account, one stock, one … you name it.  Always have more than one thing.

Instead, I’d much rather depend on several different prospecting methods generating me a small amount of leads on each one.  This way, if I lose or temporarily can’t do one method I’ve got several others left.

Also, don’t let anyone of anything contribute more than 10%.  If door knocking is your thing than make sure you generate 10% or fewer leads from it.  The other 90% comes from other prospecting sources.

In case you haven’t done the math yet that means you need at least 10 different ways of prospecting for new business.

If you think about it you can also apply this to appointments.  You need multiple appointments.  If you’re relying on one appointment a day you’ll be disappointed.

I recommend you know your numbers.  How much time invested in prospecting nets you how many leads?  How many appointments do you need to make to keep at least one a day?  How many presentations leads to a sale?

Next time we’ll cover some of those different methods of prospecting.

Happy Selling!


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