Top Producer in less than a year

January 29, 2014 by  

So, I’m at the ICCFA Wide World of Sales
talking with a Top Producer.

She’s been in the business for one year
and at the top of her game,

And doesn’t know what she can’t do.

Have you ever thought about,

What goals you would set,

What accomplishment’s you would seek,

What income and status you would want,

If you KNEW it could be yours,

If you KNEW you could snag it,

In just 12 months ?

We are all eager for quick and fast,

Speed with results and frustrated by slowness.
I know I am.

You have undoubtedly experienced friends and,

Family, pick to death those dreams of yours.

The most promising ideas and
the best of intentions,

Can melt away like butter on a
hot sidewalk in summer.

If you’ll keep focused on your dreams,

The things you really want and,

Execute a well thought out,

Game plan to get you there…

Well, you’ll get there quickly.

Happy selling!


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