The Pre-Need Seller & the blank canvas

July 25, 2013 by  

Got a friend who’s into impressionist art and once asked him the question

Why do painters use canvas?

After giving me a long winded answer talking about all the different things
painters paint on he finally said…

Canvas is a reasonably light weight, sturdy material that’s been used for
painting for at least a couple thousand years

It allows a good grip for the paint to adhere

It’s the foundation the painting is painted on


It’s similar for the Pre-Need Seller and the Pre-Need Presentation

The foundation for any great presentation is in the profile –
like the canvas being the foundation to hold the paint

I’m sure you’ve heard about the house built on a foundation of sand

It doesn’t last very long

Well, for the foundation of the pre-need presentation better get
something similar to canvas that’ll stand the test of time

There aren’t many new things under the sun

People constantly try to reinvent the wheel

When it comes to the pre-need presentation consider going old school

I talk about the anatomy of a presentation in the next edition of the
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Happy Selling!



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