The TRUE pre-need value of smoke & mirrors

September 3, 2015 by  

The term “Smoke and Mirrors” emerged from the world of Magic and Magicians – where hidden mirrors and smoke was used, to hide the truth from an unsuspecting audience.

Therefore, when something is referred to as “Smoke and Mirrors” conventional wisdom puts its value at zero. 

(Very soon you’ll see this mentioned a lot, especially as we enter a new political season.  Politicians especially will be accused of only offering, “Smoke and mirrors” kinds of solutions.)

But we don’t listen to “conventional wisdom,” do we?

In reality, people place far more worth on INTANGIBLE things than they do things they can actually hold in their hands. 

Something that could be described as mere “smoke and mirrors” in fact could be held in extremely high regard – and valued accordingly.

Too many business­people make the mistake of being far too product obsessed, or technology obsessed, and completely misunderstand what it is that their customers are really buying.

Even businesses selling tangible products are really selling intangibles – things that can’t be held in the hand or seen with the eye.

Remember – people are easily stimulated to optimism and generally prefer feeling optimistic to pessimistic, given the opportunity to feel so.

The principle of OPTIMISM is often noted in politics, where it’s almost a given that the candidate who offers the most compelling, most hopeful vision, will wind up winning at the ballot box.

So make sure you factor in these kinds of “smoke and mirrors” intangibles when presenting, as people don’t wake up thinking about buying a casket or grave.

So, while step one is about a quality presentation, how do you stimulate the emotion and avoid the product sale?

If you were to breakdown the presentation into steps the first would be to focus on the “Profile”.

That is, focus on the emotions by facilitating the conversation around the prospect’s experience with arrangements.

Do this and you’ll bring out the emotion every time and douse out the smoke & mirror idea.

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Happy Selling!



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