Using postcards to follow-up

April 12, 2010 by  

I’ve received a few emails asking for an update on a few mailing campaigns.

I’ve been in the laboratory experimenting with postcards and will be updating you soon.

One thing I can tell you is the more steps you add to your system of follow-up the better your return.

But I thought I’d mention a few important things about your follow-up system.

First, you need a follow-up system.

A follow-up system is a pre-planned, organized, way of staying in touch with a prospect.  A follow-up system is part of two-step-prospecting.  A follow-up system is more than your normal prospecting.

A follow-up system is used to warm up your prospect.  Once a Prospect responds to your marketing you plug them into your multi-step follow-up system.  In fact, the more steps in your follow-up system the better your responses from your prospects.

Remember, the goal of a system is to plan it out so all you have to do is add a name and the system takes over.

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with postcards in my follow-up system.  I did a 300 postcard mailing.  I’ll be letting you know of the results soon.

This month’s subscriber newsletter has sample postcard of a recent mailing I did to previous customers.  We (the cemetery) have not had any contact with these folks in 15 – 39 years.  The goal was to make contact with these people after years of neglect and bring up the items necessary to complete cemetery arrangements and/or funeral arrangements.

To all my subscribers look in your email tomorrow for the latest newsletter and sample postcard.  If you aren’t a subscriber yet, well, why not?  Subscribing has privileges. 

Happy Selling!


P.S.  There are a few Enchilada Packages remaining.  The package has everything I’ve got including the kitchen sink.  When you subscribe you’ll get a a special link to the Whole Enchilada Package in the “welcome” email and the most recent and past issue of the newsletter.


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