The Value of Putting YOU Into Your Prospecting

November 16, 2014 by  

Considered by some to be one of the greatest
marketing minds in history,

Copywriter Robert Collier placed hundreds of
millions of dollars into the wallets and
bank accounts of his clients.

One of his key secrets, however,

Wasn’t in how he wove words together
to make the sale.

Instead, he loved to leverage the power of,

PERSONALITY to close the deal.

As Collier wrote:

“When a business is built around some
one personality,

His picture on the letterhead often adds 10%,
15%, or 20% to the pulling power of the letters.”

Even though written decades ago,

This sage advice is even more applicable in
today’s always-on 24-7 media intense world.

Celebrity is the ticket to success and,

Cultivating it shouldn’t be left to only
those in show biz…

In fact, nowadays everything is show biz.

What face does your business present
to the world?

A bland, corporate logo with bloodless
messaging to match?

Or instead, do you project a vibrant, vital, and
distinctive personality to the world?

Sure, you may turn some folks off –
but the risk is well worth it…

Because being WHO you are and stating,

WHAT matters to you will provide common
ground for others to stand on.

And they’ll be far less likely to care about
minor matters of features, price, etc.

When you belong to a common tribe –
whatever that tribe may be.

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personality into your marketing at,

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